Thrift Fund

Many employers are looking for a way to reward loyal employees while employees are looking to establish a fund to provide for their retirement. Our answer is an ACB Mortgage & Trust Thrift Fund. A common feature of the Thrift Fund we manage is that employees and employers contribute an agreed percentage to the fund on a monthly basis. We do all of the accounting and provide each member with a statement twice per year.

Most Thrift Funds appoint Trustees with whom we liaise regarding any matter pertaining to the fund. Our advisors will work with management and staff to help them draft the terms of their Thrift Fund. Your contribution to the fund is matched by a superior interest rate which far exceeds the rate offered by other banks.

Your Thrift Fund can be used as collateral for Education, Land Purchase, House Construction and Medical Expenses. Click here if you would like us to visit your company or call you about setting up a Thrift Fund.
Thrift Fund


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