Conversion of former RBTT / RBC Customers to the ACB Caribbean Group Banking System

ACB Caribbean and ACB Grenada Bank Ltd are happy to welcome our newly acquired customers in Antigua & Barbuda and Grenada onto our core banking system as at December 6th, 2021. The conversion process will commence on December 3rd 2021, with a scheduled completion by midnight on December 5th 2021. Legacy RBC / RBTT customers will experience intermittent service interruptions during this short period.

The ACB Caribbean Group welcomes you on board, and proudly anticipates the ability to serve you the full ACB Caribbean / ACB Grenada Bank experience!

Please see a list of services below, and how they will change for you once the conversion is complete.

Thank you for your patience during the transition and conversion.


Antigua & Barbuda Clients:

Antigua & Barbuda Retail:

Antigua & Barbuda Business:

Grenada Clients:

Account numbers

Antigua & Barbuda Clients:  Your account number will change to a 10 digit number. This number will include some of the digits from your old number, for example:

RBTT Legacy clients - e.g. 160020000056327 will become 6000056327
1600006055006598 will become 6055006598

RBC Legacy clients e.g. 7452348 will become 9727452348

Grenada Clients:
Your account numbers will change to an 11 digit number.

This new number will include your current Transit and Account Number, for example:

Transit: 09706 Account: XXX-XXXX

New Number = 9706XXXXXXX

Electronic Funds Transfer

Antigua & Barbuda Clients: The routing numbers for this process will change from 097250038 & 016000036 to 001320695

Grenada Clients: The routing numbers for this process will not change at this time.


Please ensure to download all statements from your online account if required, to avoid any potential delays during our conversion period.

Chequing Accounts

Antigua & Barbuda Clients:  A new transit and routing number will now be applicable. This new routing number is 00132069. 

Clients who traditionally print their cheques are asked to confirm the format to us prior to proceeding to print. In addition, a starter cheque book will be provided to each Retail and Business client at no cost.  

Grenada Clients: No change to the look and feel of your cheques.

Payroll processing

Antigua & Barbuda Clients: The layout of the files for processing will change and will be communicated separately to the clients who submit payrolls for processing.

Grenada Clients: The layout of the files for processing will not change at this time.

Debit/ ATM Cards

We will be replacing your existing RBC/RBTT Branded cards with a Chip & Pin, Contactless ACB Smart Card. This new card is a VISA International Debit Card and can be used at any ACB Caribbean / ACB Grenada Bank branded ATMs. With your new ACB Smart Card, you can purchase goods and services from merchants locally in stores and online.

These cards are being distributed from our Grand Anse location. during regular banking hours.


Antigua & Barbuda Clients: A list of our fees is available on our website 

Grenada Clients: Look out for the changes on our website 

Over the counter transactions

Use of Slips to be introduced at all of our locations. Your Customer Service Representative will be happy to guide you.


ACB Caribbean / ACB Grenada Bank branded ATM Screens – Friendly look and feel International Branded Cards can now be used across our ATM Network

Wire Transfers

No Change.

Wire Transfers will be available on the ACB Smart App.

Mobile & Online Banking – Retail & Business

Your login information for your online and mobile banking access will change. You will be provided with your new credentials for online Banking portal and to download and access the ACB Smart App.


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